“Two separate organisations with the goal to make life a little easier for people who have had to sacrifice so much. "

Be a Robin

Easing the lives of those fleeing war.

“With Be A Robin we want to help refugees to be able to strive for happiness and freedom with dignity. Countless well-organised NGOs are doing some fantastic work and helping out with toiletries, blankets, clothes, medicine, tents, and daily bread. Everything is lacking. 


With the donations that we gather we want to help in our own way. We utilise the money for projects that are meant to feed the souls and intellects of the refugees. 


By organising recreational and educational activities our participants are drawn out, if only for a few hours a day, of their monotonous everyday lives, in which ‘Waiting‘ is their only calling.”


Soul Food Kitchen

Feed The People

“Our implementing partners in Greece – the Soul Food Kitchen – have been providing a hot meal for refugees and people living homeless in Thessaloniki Greece.


Founding members of the team said “Volunteering in Greece gave us insight into refuges’ needs. They need better lives altogether, but daily survival depends on food. So, we decided to cook.” 


During the winter months, nothing is more comforting than a hot meal and Soul Food Kitchen are handing out hundreds per day.


Having a hot meal in your belly gives you energy, strength and a mental boost. We could not be prouder to be funding such a vital project.”- Help Refugees Uk about Soul Food Kitchen.


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