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VieVita has come a long way since the summer of 2017, when Antje (one of our Co-founders) travelled to Greece to volunteer with Help Refugees UK and Indigo Volunteers. Moved and inspired by the work of a handful of charities she worked with, Antje wanted to find a way to continue to support the work they were doing when she went back home. From this desire to help those that have sacrificed so much,  VieVita was born. 

Today VieVita continues this work by directly supporting refugees directly, making an impact in their people's lives. VieVita works to support these people through the sale of our products, in which a percentage of the profit made from each item goes directly to helping them make life a little easier.

You can find out who exactly we've helped and how on our Instagram page. 


VieVita translates to "life" and that is the guiding principal for our work: that everyone has the right to a free and beautiful life. 


Why we exist

The ongoing refugee crisis has impacted millions of men, women and children who have been forced to leave their war-torn homes in search for a better life in Europe. However, many of them have been met by brutality and ignorance rather than kindness and acceptance.

There are 2.6 million people living in refugee camps today. People from all over the world seek asylum in refugee camps.

Greece currently hosts approximately 50,000 refugees, yet many people are still living in unsafe and overcrowded Refugee Camps.


But what exactly is a refugee camp?


A refugee camp is a quickly built shelter for refugees who are fleeing for their lives because of violence and persecution. Approximately 28,300 people are forced to flee their homes every day because of persecution and crises. 

Half of the refugee population worldwide are children and youth below the age of 18, more than 110,000 are separated from their families. In 2018, 27,600 unaccompanied and separated children sought asylum in countries around the world.

The right to seek asylum in another country for those who have lost the protection of their own country, is enshrined in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Refugee Convention is the first treaty which turned the ideals of the Declaration into legally binding obligations. It is therefore not a crime to seek asylum, even if the person has entered the country irregularly.


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Ahmad is a 21 year old photographer from Syria. Most of the amazing images on this website are thanks to him!

His dream is to continue his photography whilst also raising awareness and helping people in his country. 

Click the links below if you would like to support Ahmad or see more of his amazing work.

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