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Sustainable Fashion? There is no such thing

We believe in telling the as much of the truth as possible. That’s why we don’t want to call our fashion “sustainable” in the broad sense. 


All of our “new garments” are made from 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester.

 That’s 100% recycled material that didn’t end up in landfill. 

And from our manufacturers at Kromtex… 

“We truly care about the environment, sustainability and the people working in our factories.” 

“We produce our recycled polyester in India. The whole supply chain is within a short radius, from collecting post-consumer bottles, converting the bottles into yarns, fabric knitting, sewing and packing of finished goods to ensure the lowest carbon foot print possible.

The post-consumer bottles are collected locally by designated villages, ensuring a stable income for many families, a cleaner environment and less plastic waste going into our oceans.

Our production of recycled polyester saves up to 79% carbon emissions compared to the production of conventional polyester. Furthermore our recycle polyester fibres are certified to the highest international standards, with the stamp of GRS.

Our recycled cotton is also made in India from yarn scrap from spinning mills. By producing your garments partly from recycled cotton, you contribute to reducing needless use of water, chemicals and energy used to produce new cotton, reducing the overall environmental footprint, a.o. carbon emissions.

Our production of recycled cotton saves 2.700 litres of water compared to the production of a T-shirt made in conventional fibres. Our recycled cotton fibres are certified to the highest international standards, following the GRS standard."

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